Where it all began

Since 2016, we’ve been creating the bigger picture.  Not as big as hollywood, but big enough for those whom relate to our picture.  Gatherings with friends & Family playing music, local bands as teenagers, recording with your friends till 4 in the morning and remembering only how excited it was to hear your own stories come to life.  We’re forever marked to be part of music, it’s why we still do it.  We all have a path we must follow, from rough till dawn, yet music is what keeps us going.

Knowing what works is not always easy.  Trying to find the diamond in the rough has been a passion project all our lives.  We’re here to bring you the talent, not the other way around.  Playing what the people want is what we love to do.  From pool parties, roof tops, special events, festivals and more, we travel the world ear fucking our listeners.  Its amazing.

The Rise

Having fun is key for us and the people listening.  We have been traveling the world performing at different clubs and venues only to excite and create great energy for people to remember.  Our artists can provide equipment if necessary and preform to your likings.  Depending on the artists performing, some are self produced and some mix the newest and best tracks in all genres.

Traveling to places like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, California, New York, Chicago, Texas and now Florida, were here to bring only the best, and leave the rest.  Let us create the memories for your next party or event playing house, hip hop, techno, drum & bass, rock n roll and anything else you could think off.  Contact us for any bookings with the artists your interested in hiring.  We look forward to hearing from you all.

No Risk, No Reward

When trying to fight the fears of reality, there’s no bigger threat then your own self.  Walking on your own feet can be a common denominator.  It almost feels like a norm, like it happens so often, there’s only one way to feel, and its empty.  But with music life can change, everything changes when you listen to music.  This is why we are where we are, and nothing will ever take that away from us.

« IT doesn’t matter where you are coming from. it matters where you are going »
Brian Tracy